3 Tips For Sending E-mail

Send productive emails

Most likely you use email. Whether for work or personal communications, billions of emails are sent every day. Below are some very basic tips for sending e-mail. Note: this is not for sending marketing emails. That is a whole other beast of its own. 

1. Use subject lines

Everyone is busy, and e-mail is one of the biggest time sucks we have in our days. Using a subject lines allows the recipient to determine the importance and urgency of the e-mail. If you do not include a subject with an e-mail, I assume it is not very important and will not open it right away, if at all. 

2. Use short subject lines

Subject lines should be short, descriptive, and provide a reason to open the email. If your subject line is over 50 characters, you need to rethink what you have typed. For reference, this sentence you are reading is 53 characters. 

3. Don’t write an essay

While you have more space than in the subject line, you don’t need to write pages and pages of text. If you are typing up and email and you need to scroll up or down, you need to evaluate if the information is better communicated face to face. 
E-mails should be scannable and easily read. If you need to write lots of content, summarize the message and main points at the beginning of the e-mail.
Basic information? Yes. Important information? Absolutely. You may send 150 emails a day, but don’t get lazy. Use the tips above. Your recipients will be appreciative.

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